Hybridd's mission is simple

'To help others achieve their goals'

Who are we?

"Creating an environment where everyone has an equal opportunity to succeed"

From the beginning we have been bridging the gap between leading sporting and not for profit organisation and potential customers here in Melbourne. Our purpose and our mission is simple – help others achieve their goals. 

After all our business is built on people; its people we empower daily, it’s people we communicate with daily. So for us our focus is on people, finding the right people who have a drive and desire to be better.

Success for us is not an individual task, so we are focused on how we can help others reach their goals, and as a result reach the clients goals, and our own goals.

The Team

Cameron Foote

Managing Director

After finishing high school Cameron completed his diploma of Sport and Recreation and was looking to work in the sporting/fitness industry. With limited experience within the fitness industry he struggled to get anywhere. He began as sales contractor in 2011 and quickly stepped outside of his comfort zone. Initially he was a very introverted person, but was able to learn the skills of sales, people management and business, and incorporated his first company in 2015.

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Moe Belgacem

Sales Trainer

Moe was born in Tunisia in North Africa, raised in New Zealand, and then moved to Melbourne in 2016 looking for a better opportunity. Previously Moe was a professional body builder, which plays a large role in his success in his sales career so far. Initially Moe’s goal was to only master the art of sales, he has since learnt how to coach and train new contractors while still performing at a top level. Moe has a passion for sports and fitness and has a goal to open a gym franchise in Tunisia in the future.

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Jacob Barbi

Sales Trainer

With a background in retail management Jacob moved from sunny north Queensland to Melbourne to pursue a career in the police force. Jacob originally got involved in sales for the short term while he waited for his police application, after 6 months in the industry Jacob has become the high roller in sales and team development in Hybridd, and is a real student of the game! We picked up pretty quickly he can definitely talk but that’s why he’s an asset to the team! 

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Caoilfhionn culliton

Sales Trainer

After studying a bachelors degree in science education I taught for four years in Ireland and loved it. I then moved to Australia in November with the hopes of trying something new and living in a new place. I absolutely love sport and have played GAA and rugby for most of my life. I’m quite outgoing so thought that I’d give sales a try – looking forward to seeing what the future holds with Hybridd 

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Tom Fleming

Sales Trainer

Moved to the city from Gippsland at the end of 2019 to focus on the last year of my degree in science and commerce. Previously worked in the field of Arboriculture, complete change of fields beginning at Hybridd. Loves his Football and the highlight of his life so far was watching Richmond win the AFL grand final.

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VP of Social Strategy

Kobe is an extremely valued member of the Hybridd team! Keep an eye out for his monthly office and road trip appearances!


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Our Values

Play as a team

We can be serious, without taking ourselves too seriously. Healthy competition will be encouraged, to be motivated to perform and improve. We are committed to always adding value. If it doesn't add value we know this is not the right partnership for us

Enjoy the process

We invest in ourselves, and one another not just to grow as an organisation, but also as individuals. Through personal development, opportunities to network, and opportunity to advance in business.

Pursue challenges

Your personal growth helps us grow. If you aren't taking on challenges that make you feel a little uncomfortable, then you aren't taking control of your personal growth. Change and challenges are guaranteed in life and in business. Leaders view them as opportunities to develop. 

Honour your word

Actions speak louder than words. Being reliable is a key characteristic to becoming successful in any field. To put simply, if you say you're going to do something, DO IT!

Run your own race

We let builders build and drive a non-seniority based opportunity that lets the best players play. You should feel empowered by your work, not scared to make mistakes.

Celebrate success

We are passionate. We celebrate the behaviour and actions we want to see more of. Whether this be, company or personal goals, we will always be celebrating what has been accomplished.

Why get involved?


We use a tailored face-to-face approach to create much needed awareness & revenue for a number of sporting & not-for-profit organisations in Melbourne. We create exposure through various marketing strategies, including business and events-based methods.


Our purpose is to continually help others achieve their goals. We love offering the opportunity for ongoing coaching and personal development with sales, leadership & business ownership. In-house and on field training to upscale contractors is available daily.


At Hybridd we have created an environment where everyone has an equal opportunity to succeed. With no industry experience required you are able to create and build a business for yourself, with the help of mentors who started in the same position as you!


We take our goals seriously but never take ourselves seriously! We love to create an environment that is professional but fun, and believe this is conducive for growth.

Common Questions

It’s an industry where the skills are transferable to your future. Communication, rapport building, training and mentoring others are just to name a few.

Anything new is always going to be a challenge, but having a supportive and experienced mentor to help you learn the basics definitely makes it easier. I personally found it hard at the beginning to initially break my comfort zone of talking to new people but with time and practice I got better.

As a company we will only ever represent organisations that we are passionate about. We got started in the industry because of our love for sport and our passion for helping others. Melbourne being the sporting HUB of Australia means there is no shortage of sporting events available!

We like to believe that there is not a specific type of person who can do sales. We believe sales is a skill that can be taught to anyone – as long as the person has the right attitude and work ethic they can pick up the skills needed. We understand everyone is different, and everyone develops the skills at a different rate, thats why we encourage everyone to run their own race, on their own terms.

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