At Hybridd we feel the skills needed to do sales can be easily taught but having the qualities and work needed to be successful in this industry is what we look for. 
Joining Hybridd means you are part of a close knit team, a team who works together to reach their goals! 
Our work culture is one that rewards hard work and creativity while encouraging diversity and inclusion. Flexible working, rewarding impact, and making sure everyone has a chance to put their ideas forward are all hallmarks of Hybridd!

Hybridds Career Pathway

Stage 1
Sales Consultant

Positive business behaviours

Goal settings & KPIs

The sales process

Quality customer service

Stage 2
Sales Trainer


Coordination of sales team 

Development of coaching skills 

Monitor & manage sales team performance 

Stage 3
Sales Manager

Planning and projecting sales targets

Assist others with prof. development 

Understanding of recruitment and onboarding 

Coordinating sales territories 

Stage 4
Assistant Director

Business KPIs and targets

Carrying out performance reviews 

Campaign management 

Facilitating training days

Territory planning and management

Commonly Asked Questions

Sales and Marketing is all about connecting people to brands. Companies that want more exposure, revenue and  customers will use us.  We provide exposure to companies by having branded pop-up kiosks in shopping centres, supermarkets, and at huge events in arenas.

The real advantage to sales is that you do not need experience, all the essential skills can be learned . If you enjoy learning new things and are looking for a supportive environment where you can thrive and develop your skills, then sales is the right career for you!  

Speaking with a variety of different audiences face to face isn’t easyLearning how to talk to and listen to different types of people so that you can best serve them takes time and practice, but with help & support we can teach you the communication skills needed. 

No matter how long you work with us, the skills you acquire will help you succeed in life no matter what you do. Even if you work with us for three months or three years, you will learn life skills that will last your entire life.  
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