Cameron Foote

Managing Director
Cameron has been in the Direct Sales industry since 2011, and started this business with one goal; to help others develop skills sets they can take into any aspect of their future. As a 20 year old starting out in sales, his initial vision was short term. He soon gained a better understanding of how he could grow and progress with in the industry and eventually branched off to start his own company.What has brought Cameron to where he is today, is his determination and strong work ethic, as well as his ability to instil others’trust in himself and the company.

“I love the culture that we create as a close team”

Shannon Miller

Sales Manager
Shannon has been working with Hybridd since June 2020, and started in Direct Sales in 2018. Before taking the plunge to move into sales, she previously worked as a life guard and a sports coach. What really motivates Shannon is the supportive culture that Hybridd provides, which inspires and cultivates the best out of people no matter what their goals are! Some of the key strengths she has developed throughout her time in the industry is her emotional intelligence and her ability to stay optimistic no matter what is thrown at her.

“Hybridd has a supportive network that allows you to continue to improve no matter your experience”

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Moe Belgacem

Sales Trainer
Having left his former career as a personal trainer and professional body builder, Moe joined the Hybridd team in September 2017. Moe loves the opportunities that Hybridd brings him in terms of taking control of his own career path and working on terms that suit the needs of both him and the business. He brings many strengths to his role, but his key strengths lie in the sales skills he has developed whilst working with Hybridd, his emotional intelligence, and his ability to make consistent sales!

“Love the opportunity for growth that we give everyone who comes on board”

Matthew Duong

Sales Trainer
With a background in hospitality and as a professional photographer, Matt started with Hybridd in December of 2020. Hybridd has given him the opportunity to be a part of a culture where everyone helps each other to achieve their personal and professional goals, whilst still creating a fun work environment. Matt has been an amazing teacher to his team members and has taken every chance to learn from them as well.

“Hybridd gives me the opportunity to grow both personally and professionally whilst also being able to work with some amazing people”

Matthew Pask

Sales Trainer
Matt started in the Direct Sales industry and with Hybridd in December 2020 after leaving his job in hospitality. Throughout his time with Hybridd, Matt has created a strong bond with his fellow team members. This has contributed greatly to the amazing atmosphere we have within the company, and is one of the reasons he loves working with Hybridd. Matt always brings his drive to do better to his role and is always on the look out for opportunities to learn something new.

“Hybridd has a positive culture, it helps everybody within the company be a better version of themselves”

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